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About Infinity for Health


Infinity for Health, a partner of Infinity Medicine, is a natural health and wellness center that integrates the best combination of Oriental medicine, natural therapies, and regenerative medicine to provide comprehensive healthcare for men and women of all ages. Our group of highly trained professionals care deeply about helping their patients and believe that every individual’s health care needs should be personalized to achieve optimal wellness and recovery.

Infinity for Health provides treatments for chronic illness, acute and chronic pain, inflammation, digestive issues, weight loss, and thyroid disease. Additionally, our service providers help you take a comprehensive approach to your health through cancer screenings and BRCA gene tests, cancer prevention and anti-aging treatment plans, and will begin to offer health & lifestyle coaching in 2020. 

Before any service is conducted, our team of medical professionals will spend quality time with you to better understand your health conditions and compile a comprehensive medical plan for effective recovery. We fully understand that you may have tried other doctors in the past and are frustrated with the lack of long-term solutions to improve your health.

Here at Infinity for Health, we know that every individual has the tremendous capacity to heal and be well - the power is in your mind, body, and soul. We don’t just treat your disease, we treat you as a whole person.

Meet Our Staff

Ping Wu, PhD, L.Ac

Dr. Ping Wu is the founder of Infinity for Health and Ping Clinic. With over 30 years of experience in alleviating pain and nausea through acupuncture and other holistic treatment techniques, she has an extensive understanding of the perfect combination of traditional Chinese and modern medicine. Her rich practical experience and published works are world-renowned.



M.S. - Boston University, Medical School, Human Physiology

Ph.D. - Oriental Medicine, American Liberty University

Post-Doctor Research Associate, University of Arizona, Cancer Center

Licensed Acupuncturist

Chika Shuto, L.Ac, OMD

Chika Shuto has been a healthcare provider for over 20 years, treating thousands of patients in clinics in the US, China, and Japan. She specializes in integrative medicine, rehabilitation, nerve and muscle pain, weight control, enhanced fitness, immune system, and circulation. 


Dr. Shuto has an extensive history working in clinical research and medical science, working as a clinical cancer researcher at The University of Tokyo. She also spent 7 years as a medical scientist and project manager at St. Jude Medical developing high technology treatment methods of neuromodulation for pain management and cardiovascular diseases.

Carolyn Lane

Carolyn Lane is Infinity for Health's clinic manager. She is an integral part of the Infinity team and works closely with both practitioners and patients to ensure the clinic runs smoothly.

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