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Back Pain - Case Study


1) A female 50 years old, came to see Dr. Ping. She has disc bulging in her lumbar spine with sever pains. In the morning, it takes her 45 minutes to get out of the bed. She ranked the pain a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10! Her doctor saw her, did an MRI, then suggested immediate surgery or she would have permanent nerve damage and incontinent of bowels and urine. She refused to do surgery due to her work schedules and overweight situation. She came to see Dr. Ping instead. 

By complying with Dr. Ping's comprehensive program that integrated acupuncture, diet, herbal and other supplements, and proper exercise, she was free of back pain within a month! She could continue working and meanwhile she took up some Yoga classes as well! She continued to make good progress and two months later, she could even bend down to lift heavy boxes when she's on duty! Four-Five years later, she came across Dr. Ping in a yoga class and was happy to share the great news: She's been doing very well since the program. There were no complaints about her back whatsoever after she saw Dr. Ping. She is also very happy that she is living an active and productive life again!


2) A female 85 years old came from Texas to visit her daughter who was in town. She had been having severe back pains and sciatic nerve pains for over 30 years. She had been under doctor's care and she also tried alternative medical methods such as chiropractors, massages, and acupuncture. But she saw very little help from those sources due to the severity of her back. She had 6 bulging discs as big as 10mm! Along with her severe scoliosis and degenerative arthritis involved in her sciatic nerves, she was confined to a wheelchair for several years when she need to walk for a short distance. 

Dr. Ping started the program and the patient was able to see great progress within a week! She was able to walk around Laguna Beach, visit gardens with her family and even took the boat trip to Catalina Island! She spent one and half day in the Island, walked around and didn't feel any pain at all during the stay. 

When she went back to Texas, her son went to pick her up in the airport and was surprised to see her walking without a wheelchair!

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