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Muscle Spasm - Case Study

A female of 53 years old had suffered from a car accident in 2000. Her disc dislocated 10mm! She received all kinds of different injections and chiropractic treatments in the following five months. Then she went in for surgery. Conditions had not improved after the surgery, instead the pains were like a “big barrel around my chest and whole back like frozen meat”

In the morning, she couldn’t breathe because the muscle spasms went all the way from her abdominal to her diaphragm and up to her chest. She choked and the feeling was described as suffocating. The pain was so severe that she sweated, lost her ability to concentrate and couldn’t sit down in certain positions. She was so desperate for effective treatments that she said to Dr.. Ping “If anyone helped me as much as Dr.. Ping did in the last seven years that I had this problem, I would’ve given the person one million dollars!”

In 2007, she was referred by her boss to see Dr. Ping. 

By just one week, she noticed good improvement: she could sit down and work for hours a day! She continued to improve after each acupuncture treatment and before long, her disc was totally pain-free. She felt loose and it was easy for her to move around. She exercises actively and works diligently. She has so much energy that she feels like she’s back in her 20s again!

Recently in 2009, in a follow-up call, she is still doing well and has not had a single sign of muscle spasms.

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