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Addictions, Alcohol and Drug - Case Study

A female 55 years old was suffering from severe depression after losing her mother, her father, and her brother in a relatively short period of time. She turned to alcohol and drugs to escape her emotion pains. She cried over the loss of her beloveds. She cried so much every day that her eyelids and the skin under her eyes were getting rough and developed rashes. Before she was admitted to a local rehab center, she had gained 100 lbs within one year!

Two years ago while she was in local rehab, she was recommended to Dr. Ping by her rehab doctor. After started working with Dr. Ping, she showed improvement in just one week. She felt better about herself and stopped weeping. Smiles began to appear on her face the first time in one and half years, and she became more sociable. She even put on some colorful clothes and started to workout!

After enrolling in Dr. Ping's comprehensive program, she managed to loose just 20 lbs in one month! She quit drinking and using drugs. She was released from the rehab center and went back to her home state not too long after she worked with Dr. Ping.

She is happy to have her life back and she credits Dr. Ping with her gratitude in all the cards she sent from her home.

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