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Gynecological Dysfunctions


1) A female 41 years old, had multiple ovulary cysts. Her OB/GYN said that she had little chance to get pregnant. She also suffered from an irregular period, and had cramps during her menstrual cycle along with blood clots. She was recommended by her friends to see Dr. Ping, who tailored the program to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation to balance her hormones and improve her liver function. Two months later, she’s excited that she was pregnant and delivered a healthy baby in 2007.


2) A female 38 years old had ovulary cysts, which her doctor recommended surgical procedures for removal. She went along with the suggestion but still wanted to try to solve the problem in a more natural way. She came to see Dr. Ping, who combined acupuncture and herbal formulas to balance her hormones and improve her liver function.

A few weeks later she returned to have ultrasound done and found that her cysts were gone! She was happy to cancel the surgery.


3) A female 52 years old was in the menopause stage. Her periods became irregular and heavier. Her period was so heavy to cause her anemic. The ultrasound test found fibroid and her doctor suggested surgery to remove her uterus. She wanted to avoid the procedure, so she came to see Dr. Ping, who had helped her with some other problems before. After a few sessions, her bleeding stopped and her period went back to a normal cycle. Four months later, ultrasound found her fibroid to be much smaller, doctor said that there is no need to surgical remove the uterus since the symptoms are completely eliminated.

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