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Migrain, Headache

Miss K had severe migraine headaches. She came in the end of year 2001 with major issues being lack of balance, dizziness and painful menstruation. This was combined with ringing in the ears, blurred vision, painful menstrual cycle, lower back pain, and blackouts. Her menstrual issues included pain, blood clots, and low energy. She could not even take a walk after work!

Two months after she’s in Dr Ping’s program to regulate her blood circulation, balance hormones, clear liver channel, detoxification and boost immune system, she had the easiest period ever her life! She said she wished she had this treatment since she was sixteen! To date she has experienced no more painful periods and migraines.

Later she came in with complaints of a severely itching rash. She went to see an M.D., taking Benadryl and Claritin had not worked for the past three weeks. The night before she was about go to Hawaii for a vacation, she decided to came in for a treatment. Soon after the treatment, she didn’t have any rash or itch any more.

Miss K also faithfully follows the Ping Longevity program of acupuncture, diet supplements and meditations. She is able to enjoy her life in a much higher level ---she was able to ski at 7000 ft. elevation with no problem with ears or dizziness!

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