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Insomnia - Case Study

A 41 years old female business owner, lives an extremely stressful life that was associated with insomnia. Sometimes she could sleep only one hour at night and she had gone through nights without sleeping for three months at a time. She felt her brain was being torn apart and she couldn’t concentrate at work. She also felt dizzy and light headed all the time. She had to take pain killers to ease the situation. She tried different medications and sleeping pills with awful side effects.

After seeing Dr. Ping several times, she was able to fall asleep and stay asleep without any medicine. She was so thrilled to have the good quality of sleeping back again! It has been two years since she was able to enjoy decent sleeping again.

Recently, she became stressed out again and had insomnia again. She waited no time to come into Ping Clinic, where Dr. Ping fixed the problem once and for all.

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