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Bell's Palsy - Case Study

Allison of 35 years old came to see Dr. Ping in 2008. She woke up one morning to find that her left eye could not close completely, and her mouth was turned aside. This was her third time experiencing recurrent Bell's Palsy. When she first time experienced this condition, she went to see a doctor. The doctor gave her cortisone injection and other medicines, and she was slowly getting better, it took her a year to recover. After having another attack, she went to see M.D. doctor again, it took her one and half year to recover. This is her third time; she came to see Dr. Ping. 

After the third treatment with Dr. Ping, she could feel a huge difference. She could lift her eye brow, make an "O" shape with her mouth, and felt almost completely normal. She was so happy because after the fifth acupuncture treatment, her face was 100% normal.

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