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Women getting acupuncture

With over 20 years of acupuncture practice, Infinity for Health provides an unparalleled experience by our leading acupuncturists to heal from a multitude of pain and chronic illnesses.


The IvyGene test is a blood test that uses advanced DNA sequencing methods to detect cancer quickly and before symptoms appear or other tests can detect it.

Bio-cell screening is a way to detect health concerns & deficiencies immediately by assessing the quality of one's blood under a microscope, which can then be used to create a custom health plan.


No treatment is complete when the patient walks out of the clinic, and our robust line of supplements are the best at-home option to continue to improve your health after treatment.

foot bath with brown water

Negative ion foot detox uses ionized water and herbs to cleanse the body of mucus, fat, candida, heavy metals, parasites, and various bacteria. 

Doctor holding a fake colon

Colon hydrotherapy relieves the body of harmful toxins through a gentle rinsing of the colon using warm water in order to remove fecal matter, gas, and mucus.

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