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Headache - Case Study


W, female, 62 years old, has been suffering for over 40 years migraine. The migraine attacked her every month and then it started attacking ever week. Before she went to Dr. Ping, it attacked almost on a daily basis. She had used migraine medicines before, but she didn’t like them because they caused side effects like less concentration and feeling tired all the time.

Dr. Ping put her in a program that would require her to change her diet, start light exercising/meditation, and QiQong practice. She quickly saw the difference. She regained her energy and her migraine went away completely.

One year later she came back in with a bad migraine, which even the morphine shots couldn’t numb her pain! She was not able to walk and her husband had to drive her in. She also vomited. She told Dr. Ping that she had an infection and took heavy dosages of antibiotics. Right after she finished taking antibiotics, her migraine came back. She was in the hospital for the severity of her migraine.

Dr. Ping was doing acupuncture for her in her office. Twenty minutes later she said the disorientation and dizziness went away and she was left with a very minimal discomfort. She walked out of Ping Clinic with a smile on her face at the end of the session.

W skipped her second appointment because she felt no pains at all. But Dr. Ping warned her that it’s in her best interest to follow through the program so that she could get rid of the toxins in her body caused by her medicines. So, she came back for more treatments. 

Three more weeks later and her migraines and all the other symptoms were gone. She was so thrilled she regained her life back!


Miss K of 49 years old had severe migraine headaches. She came in at the end of year 2001 with major issues: lack of balance, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, painful menstrual cycles, lower back pains, and blackouts. Her menstrual issues included pain, blood clots, and low energy. She could not even take a walk after work!

Two months after she became a part of Dr. Ping’s program to regulate her blood circulation, balance hormones, clear liver channel, detoxify and boost her immune system, she had the easiest period of her life! She said she wished she had this treatment when she was sixteen! To date she has experienced no more painful periods and migraines.

Later she came in with complaints of a severely itchy rash. She went to see an M.D. about taking Benadryl and Claritin, but it had not worked for the past three weeks. The night before she was about to go to Hawaii for a vacation, she decided to come in for a treatment. Soon after the treatment, she didn’t have any rashes or itches anymore.

Miss K. also faithfully follows the Ping Longevity program of acupuncture, diet supplements and meditations. She is able to enjoy her life on a much higher level –she was able to ski at 7000 ft. elevation with no problem with ears or dizziness!

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