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Hip Pain, Low Back Pain - Case Study


1) A female in her 60s has been bothered by hip and low back pain for twenty years. Two years ago, she went to see a specialist and did an MRI as well. The doctor suggested hip replacement. She didn’t do it. Lately her hip and lower back pain has been getting so bad that everybody was telling her that she looked like she was leaping when she walked. The excruciating pains kept her up all night! She went back to see her doctor again and the doctor still considered an immediate hip replacement surgery as the best solution. She asked her doctor for recommendations for last tries before surgery, therefore she was referred to see Dr. Ping.

She felt no pain after the first acupuncture treatment and she could now walk as she would have before the pain. She was thrilled with the results and she could sleep better at night now. She is continuing to see Dr. Ping in hopes of removing the need for surgery.


2) Bob, 76 years old, came to see Dr, Ping in early March, 2007. One morning while he was showering, suddenly felt sharp, acute pain in his lower back. He described the pains as "taking his breath away" like a sharp knife, After just one acupuncture treatment, he said his back felt 90% better, By the third day, his back pains were completely gone! His back has been pain-free to today which is two years later.


A male patient in his late 40s, had hip pain for many years. An MRI confirmed that he needed a hip replacement. He didn’t want to do it but his symptoms were getting worse. He even had pain while sleeping. As a professor he was also suffering from a lot of pain when he was at class standing. His physical activities were very limited.

Dr. Ping started with a program aiming at anti-inflammation, increasing blood circulation and reducing toxins within his body. He was amazed that his pain went away in just a few treatments. He could now exercise, swim and walk as often as he likes.

He later went back to check with his doctor and another MRI still recommended a hip replacement. However all his symptoms went away. 

Ten years later he called Dr. Ping to report that he still had not had the surgery but his life is back to normal with no returning symptoms.

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