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Infertility - Case Study

Nicole, 35 years old, wanted to get pregnant in the beginning of 2007. She was told that she was not able to produce eggs by her fertility doctor due to her poly cystic ovary and her hormonal imbalance.


After three acupuncture treatments with Dr. Ping, and she was pregnant by the end of February. During her pregnancy at week 20, her doctor found low amino fluid levels at about 8cm. Her OB/GYN ordered her to bed rest for 2 weeks. 

Three weeks later she found that her amino fluid level was down to 6.5cm. 

She came to see Dr. Ping for help. Only one treatment later, her amino fluid was up to 8.5cm! After one more treatment her amino fluid level continued to go up 10.5cm, and then to 12.4cm. On July 31, she was tested and found that her 14cm amino fluid level was within the normal range of 12cm to 15cm.

She and her doctor were overjoyed with the result. 

She delivered a healthy baby girl in December 2007!

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