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Injuries - Auto, Home, Spors, Work - Case Study


A female in her late 40s had been in a car accident and was suffering from neck pain, severe headaches, nausea, and lower back pain. She had spasm on her whole back and her spine felt locked and frozen. She started receiving disability benefits. She didn’t want to take the pain killers because of the side effects of causing anxiety and frustration. However she couldn’t live without them. She couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up with cold sweat on her back as if she just had a nightmare.

Dr. Ping understood her situation, and after a long and thorough discussion with her decided to carry out a comprehensive program to eliminate the toxins from taking excessive medicines. The program also increased the blood circulation in her body and eased her emotional burdens.

Within a couple of weeks, she could sleep soundly at night and felt little anxiety and jittery effects from her medicine. One month later, she had no more nightmares. All other symptoms had disappeared as well! She was so encouraged that she even started yoga. Her determination to follow through with Dr. Ping’s program was rewarded with a healthy and happy back/body within just four months!


An 85 years old Arizona resident accidentally slipped onto the bathroom floor after showering. He hurt his hip and back so severely that he was rushed into an emergency room. ER doctors didn’t find any broken bones or fractures, but the hip and back pain was so severe that he could not sleep. After several cortisone shots and two months later, he was still in excruciating pain. He knew Dr.. Ping from back when she lived in Arizona, so he wanted to take the six hour drive to Laguna Beach. Dr. Ping discouraged the idea, but asked his wife if she would drive him to Laguna instead. He had to lie down in the car the whole way to California.

Dr. Ping considered the pain coming from a bruised deep tissue, which acupuncture is very good for. Just one office visit to increases blood circulation in his tissues and ligaments so as to shorten the healing time, the patient felt no pain right afterwards. 

He called the next morning and cheerfully requested another visit. Dr. Ping took him in right away and he was able to sit in the car returning to his home state on the same day!

One month later, he was happy to tell Dr. Ping that the pain had simply vanished after two visits within two days and he had not been bothered since!


A female volleyball player of 30 years old injured her leg from repeating intensive exercises and practices. She couldn’t play volleyball for the previous three months and was frustrated. Dr. Ping worked mainly on reducing the inflammation in her leg through acupuncture treatments. She felt better in one week! Two weeks later, she was happy and strong enough to go back to practice and play for her team again!


A female of 42 year old was carrying heavy boxes at duty when she accidentally injured her back. She felt a sever pain, and had muscle spasms. She couldn’t bend forward at all. Dr. Ping gave her acupuncture treatments to reduce the inflammation. She also instructed the patient to do some special exercise to strengthen her muscle. The patient was able to return to work in 10 days.


August 30, 2007. Joe accidentally hurt himself playing football. His ankle was swollen and black and blue. He could hardly step on the ground and walk, but he wanted to go to the triathlon which was coming up in one week. He was able to run for ½ hour without pains after two office visits. Two days later, he was able to complete the full triathlon without any pains.

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