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Digestion Problems - Case Study

A female Yorba Linda resident in her 70s developed an intolerance to many kinds of food condition in the past 7 years. Half a year before she came to see Dr. Ping, she had extremely severe reactions to food: nausea, dizziness, bloating, and diarrhea. Her doctor suggested eliminating those foods from her diet. The result was her being super hungry and not knowing what to eat since all food caused a certain type of reaction to her.

She’s so weak and she couldn’t even drive herself to the ping clinic for the first visit and had to rely on her husband to drive her.

Dr. Ping put her on a program to help her detoxify and desensitize the small intestine, supplement her body with enzymes and help her to resolve liver function problem. After one week, she’s able to drive to Laguna Beach alone to continue the program! After 2-3 weeks, she’s happy to eat her favorite foods again! All the symptoms went away.

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