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Gas - Case Study

A female, 34 years old, came to see Dr. Ping. She had extensive gas in her stomach and abdominal area. She is a slender woman but her belly was protruding as it was full of gas. She had cramps and pains in abdominal area all her life as long as she can remember. She has developed  joint pains, fatigue, and started to lose hair before she came to see Dr. Ping.

Dr. Ping quickly identified the root cause of the symptoms are dysfunction of digestive system, she did a food sensitivity blood test for her, Dr. Ping discovered the patient is allergic to 22 out of 154 food’s, some of them patient eat everyday. After being put in Dr. Ping’s program, she is now on a diet that removes food allergens. Dr. Ping furthermore replaced her old diet with more nutritious foods and supplements. The treatment reduced inflammation and repaired the patient’s small intestinal cell wall. The patient has recovered from the stomach problem and has had no abnormal amounts of gas, no more constipation since. The patient enjoys free of joints pain, lots energy, good happy emotion. The patient has no more bloating feeling with a normal bowl movement. The stomach, abdominal cramps totally went away.

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