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What is a Bio-Cell Screening?

Bio-cell screening is a way to detect deficiencies as well as other health concerns immediately by assessing one's blood under a microscope. The process involves the practitioner taking a drop of the patient's blood from a small prick of the finger. From there the blood is placed under a microscope. The practitioner will then analyze the blood in real time and determine if there are any deficiencies or health concerns to be aware of based of the characteristics of the patient's cells.

After a certified bio-cell screening technician analyzes your blood under the microscope, the service providers at Infinity for Health will interpret the results of your report to help you set a plan for improving your health at a cellular level.

What is Cellular Nutrition Counseling?

Benefits of Bio-Cell Screening

  • It is a non-invasive test

  • Get immediate results on your overall health

  • Receive specific dietary and nutritional information

  • Track your progress over time - see how your cellular health changes in weeks or months.

Benefits of Cellular Nutrition Counseling

What Does a Bio-Cell Screening Show?

Many specific areas of interest relating to one’s health may be observed during Bio-Cell Screenings, including:

  • Enzyme Deficiencies

  • Electrolyte Deficiencies

  • Poor Oxygen Circulation

  • Various Forms of Anemia

  • Damaged Erythrocytes

  • Simple and Complex Fatty Acid Formations

  • Inflammation Markers

  • Infections/Co-Infections

  • Bacteria, Yeasts, Fungi, and Molds

  • Viruses

  • Organ Systems Stress Markers (liver stress, kidney stress, etc)

  • Effects of Stress-Related Hormones

  • Hormone Deficiencies

  • Immune Responses & Allergic Reactions

  • Heavy Metals/Chemical Toxicity

  • Healthy: Blood Cells, Plasma, Biosis, Detoxification

  • And More…

What Doesa Bio-Cell Screening Show?
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