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Carpal Turnnel - Case Study


In August 2006, Bob was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in his right hand by a specialist. After surgery, the carpal tunnel syndromes turned out worse. He had burning sensation in his wrist, and his fingers clasped inward. His right hand thumb and the index could not make a circle shape. Sometimes he could feel the spasm in his right hand when he was reading newspapers. So he came to Dr.Ping for some help in early 2007. After the first treatment, the burning sensation was gone! After several treatments, his carpal tunnel syndromes were less noticeable and are under control now.


Joe Rodarti came to the Ping Clinic in Sep 03 with a series of complaints: Digestive system is sluggish, he has uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, feeling full and bloated all the time, cramping in abdominal area. He also has high blood pressure with 145/97mmHg.He was in very high level of stress and anxiety due to his demanding job and his spouse’s illness.

Joe also had a long history of liver damage, and his liver enzymes were elevated in around 400 for the past 13 years!

Dr.Ping did a thorough exam on him and spent time talking with him, trying to completely understand every aspect of his health, his lifestyle and his mind before she performed acupuncture to him. After three sessions with some help of the oriental herbal medicines, Joe’s blood pressure was dragged down to 120/80!

Dr.Ping also worked with Joe to improve his lifestyle, so he started the Longevity program including diet, exercise, supplements and meditation to rejuvenate him and reduce his stress. His stomachache and indigestion problems vanished. He regained his energy and his body fat percentage was cut down dramatically, from 30% to 10% in Jan 04! He began to enjoy his health as before!

Mostly his liver enzyme was back to normal for first time since 13 years, his SGOP(AST) is from 400+ down to 23, and his SGPT (ALT) is from around 300-400 down to 16 since 1990.

August 30 2007, Joe accidentally hurt himself playing football. His ankle was swollen and black and blue. He could hardly step on the ground and walk, but he wanted to go to the triathlon in one week. He was able to run for ½ hour without pains after two acupuncture treatments. Two days later, he was able to complete the full triathlon with success.


Dee is in her late fifties. She came to the Ping Clinic in February 05, complaining of extreme fatigue all day for many years. Her medical history state that she tested positive for Lupus in the early 1990’s. According to her doctor she had had Lupus for ten years before she was tested for positive, She was hospitalized once, during her stay in the hospital, she had liver failure, ever since she has her liver function low. Dee also noticed that her hands and feet were swollen in the morning, sometimes even all day long. She felt cold all the time. She could not get up to take a shower or fix breakfast. She was so tired, could not get up until ll:00 or noon for many years before she came to see Dr. Ping.

Dr.Ping cheked her very carefully and found that her kidney and liver function was weak. Her muscle strength level is very low, she even could not hold or grip a book in her hand...

After a few acupuncture treatments she noticed some changes: All the pain and numbness was gone! Her husband was amazed by her improvement that she could complete her daily tasks and even had spare energy to clean the garage and closet which she had no energy to do it for last 10 years. After the treatments, she can easily get up at 7:00am. She was able to travel abroad to attend a wedding which she had not been able to consider possible earlier.

Dee has been under Dr. Ping’s care for the past couple of years and now she is still doing very well. She is so thankful to Dr. Ping, who helped her health, so she could spend time and energy with her two young and active grandchildren. She is able to carry them when necessary and laugh with them, play with them and take care of them which made her a prouder grandmother!


Dennis came to the clinic January 03, reporting a cough and congestion in his throat. He needed to clear his throat every few minutes for many years. He suffered from night sweats, Fatigue, general tiredness, and inability to sleep.

Ear nose and throat specialists had not been able to help him. After a few acupuncture treatments in Ping Clinic, his annoying cough was gone and his throat was back to normal.


Susan was willing to give it a try to drive from Long Beach to see Dr. Ping after she knew how Ping had helped her friends. When Susan first came in early 2007, she was not able to walk that she had to cancel her planned trip. She also had severely painful urinary tract infection which doctor has to give her antibiotic, short after she took the medicine, she has severe sharp pain in her both feet, and shooting up to her legs. One week later, her arms and fingers start hurting also, Both feet and hands are numbness and needling feeling through out the day. Every few seconds she felt shooting pains down to legs. She was feeling like all her skin was raw.

Dr. Ping identified it as allergy to the medication and toxicity of the medicine. Later it was confirmed by a neurologist. So Susan listened to her and stopped the previous medications. She went detoxification and started on herbal supplements and acupuncture treatments.

In two weeks, her urinary tract infection was gone. Consistent pain in leg and hands went away and she was able to walk independently. Another bonus for the treatment is she has lost some twenty pounds during the process of detoxification! Now she is free of pain, and doing well.


When David first came in May 2006, he reported that he had already given up on feeling better. He had been given too many pain killers which made him drowsier and even lower energy. He was feeling like he had no life! He could not think well or function properly. He also had severe headaches. Since his early teens he was tired all the time no matter how much sleep he had.

He had severe sharp localized pain in his head. Eye pressure caused him to feel like his eye was pushed out. His teeth were sensitive, and he was overly sensitive to sound.

He had five years of physical therapy and spinal fusion operation. Ten years ago he was in a car accident. His neck was turned around badly and knee hit the dash board. In 2002 another accident caused him to wear a knee support for knee pain. He had sharp and localized pain he was taking many medications that had not helped.

After three acupuncture treatments David’s headache was totally gone. Headaches never returned since, and he is not on any medication any more.

Now his back pain is totally gone even with a physical labor job. He has no knee pain and no longer needs to use knee pads. Most impressive was that his headaches never returned even when he had a cold, or during physically challenging or stressful times. He feels like his energy was given back to him by Dr. Ping and he loves to send his home garden flowers to the Clinic to express his gratitude!

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