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Heart Problems - Case Study

Richard, 63 years old O.C. resident, had been suffering from Atrial fibrillation for one and a half years consistently. He went to doctors and got medicine to slow his heart rate but the side effects caused his heart to stop temporarily!

After heart conversion, his doctor decided he should no longer be on medication. He has tried alternative medicines, medical acupuncture/supplements, but there were no signs of significant improvement at all. He came to see Dr. Ping in February 2006.

After just one acupuncture treatment, his heart rate returned to normal for two hours. After the second session, his heart went back to a normal beat for a week! He called it an ‘unbelievable miracle’! Now he is no longer on any medication, and Dr. Ping cuts down his supplements to a minimal. He now enjoys playing tennis, jogging, bicycling and swimming without the fear of an abnormal heart rate any more.

Dr. Ping also discovered that his blood BUN was high for many years. After helping his liver and kidney return to normal function, his blood BUN was down to a healthy range. 

In addition, Dr. Ping treated his blood pressure problem, blood sugar and high cholesterol problems. Now his BP is very stable to 110’s over 70’s!

Richard has been stable and feeling healthy for two years now. He comes in once a month for his general health maintenance. He said “I have the best quality of life now!”

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