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Blood Pressure, High - Case Study


1) A 74 year old male who has had blood pressure 170/110 for years came to see Dr. Ping. He also had high cholesterol and chest pains. 

Dr. Ping's program for him aimed at increasing blood circulation, reducing stress, balancing diet and detoxification, by following this program, he was able to stabilize his blood pressure to 110/75 without any medications. He has been able to sustain the desirable blood pressure range for about five years now. 


2) Arthur in his 70s, had a stroke in 2003. After stroke, his whole left side became very weak. He could not walk well or even hold cups firmly. He had to ask a friend to drive him in to see Dr. Ping for his first appointment. 

After three treatments, he went to see his neurologist to find that he was 99% recovered! He could drive from Long Beach to Laguna Beach for his treatment with Dr. Ping. Another treatment later, and he was able to go back to his dance class! 

Another health problem has shown in his blood work. His triglyceride was 513, three times higher than the normal ranger (0-149); his cholesterol was 254 (0-199). His bad cholesterol LDL is 143 (0-99). His blood pressure is 170-190/100+. Dr. Ping worked with him to change his diet as well as incorporate moderate exercises and herbal supplements into his daily routine. A few weeks later, his blood works showed cholesterol was down to 199, his BP was down to the 117/70 range. 

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