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Arthritis - Case Study


A female 53 years old wakes up every morning with joint pain, especially in her fingers. Her finger joins were swollen, aching, and stiff for over a year. She was frustrated and had tried so many doctors with little signs of improvement. 

She was recommended to see Dr. Ping by her friend and started Dr. Ping's program for detoxification, anti-inflammation, improving blood circulation and alkalinizing her body fluid. Following this program for 2 weeks, all of her symptoms went away. She's been doing very well since her visit 3 years ago.


A male 48 years old was suffering from hip pain. He went to his orthopedic surgeon who reviewed his MRI and then suggested hip replacement. Furthermore, he was diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis in his keen. 

He thought he was too young to do the hip replacement surgery, so he joined Dr. Ping's program, which focused on anti-inflammation, increasing blood circulation, detoxification and alkalinizing body fluid. He was overjoyed when he walked out of the program without any hip pain! He's been doing well for 12 years now without a hip replacement. 

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