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Sexual Dysfunction - Case Study

A male patient in his late 60s had surgery for prostate cancer 2 to 3 years ago. He couldn’t perform for 2-3 years. He tried any possible medical methods but with little improvement. At first he was very stressed and nervous and he couldn’t lie down without thinking about the problem. 

At the beginning he was very skeptical about Dr. Ping’s anti-aging program and doubted that Dr. Ping could help him. 

After three office visits, he’s realized he’s gained back his peace of mind and the anxiety was gone! He had more energy and confidence. He also saw some slight improvement but he was not sure if it was related to Dr. Ping’s program or something else.

So, he decided to test it out by stopping the treatment. And the improvement stopped!

Three months later he was back in Dr. Ping’s program. This time he saw great improvement. Later he reported that he was able to perform! He continued to improve and the couple was very happy that he regained his sexual function!

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