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Allergies, Sinus Trouble - Case Study


1) Joannie, a female 62 years old has been suffering from chronicle sinus and allergy problems for over 40 years. She also lost her sense of smell for past two and a half years. She tried everything including allergy shot, anti histamine medicine. 

She came to see Dr. Ping after a friend's recommendation in late 2008. After just one week of receiving acupuncture treatments and herbs, she could suddenly smell the chicken soup she's been cooking in the kitchen! She continued the treatment with Dr. Ping and about one week later, she regained her sense of smell! 

She's thrilled to find that her sinus troubles have stopped along with her coughs, allergies and other itching, red eyes. According to her, she could stay in a dusty remodeling house without allergy now. 


2) A male 49 years old has had an allergy problem since he was only five years old. He had to take allergy shots and Clairton year round. He had troublesome conditions like a constantly stuffy nose, itchy and watery eyes, and sleep apnea as well as loss of focus. When he could sleep, he snored heavily and felt extremely tired in the mornings. 

After being on Dr. Ping's program he began to see significant changes within two weeks. He gradually reduced the dosage of Clairton and finally stopped taking any allergy medications when his conditions were eliminated. Meanwhile, his sleeping has improved greatly and his energy level is back to the same level as it was in his 20s. His nose is totally clear, and his wife is pleased with the result. He has been enjoying his life without the trouble of allergy and sinus problem.


3) A female 76 years old have had allergy and sinus problems all her life. X-rays have shown polyps and little cysts in her sinus area. Her doctor recommended a surgery. She brought her x-ray in to seek a second opinion and tried Dr. Ping's program. Dr. Ping designated the program to reduce inflammation, to boost her immune system and to clear her liver channel. 

After a few treatments, she was able to visit her son in Texas. During her visit, she was exposed outdoor wild life and indoor dusty condition a lot but she did not have any allergy or sinus symptoms. She's been doing well since her last visit five years ago.

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