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Irritable Bowl Syndrome - Case Study

A 47 years old female came to see Dr. Ping with complaints of severe headaches for years. After finishing her questionnaire with Dr. Ping, she was found to have had over 25 years of irritable bowl syndrome. She had diarrhea five to seven times on a daily basis, with cramping pains.

After Dr. Pings program which reduces the inflammation in your digestive system and supports liver function, she stopped having diarrhea for the first time in 25 years, in just 2-3 weeks of being in the program! She’s had no diarrhea since.

She was very surprised because she had originally come in for headaches, but Dr. Ping helped her more than she could ever have imagined! She was told IBS was for a long time, and she was pleased that Dr. Ping could relieve the symptoms and give her back her normal life!

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