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Are Colonics Safe?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

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For most people, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. Temperature regulated, filtered water is streamed slowly into your colon, which stimulates the natural process your intestines go through each time you eat and drink (peristalsis), which moves the food and liquid through your body.

Don’t worry…colonics aren’t a power wash. They’re a gentle trickle.

Will colonics wash away all of my good bacteria?

The bacterial content of your gut changes every time you have a bowel movement. With that in mind, there is a lot of confusion out there about colonics and their effect on the microbiota. This study should put your mind at ease.

10 patients were given a series of 3 colonics within a 2-week period. They suffered from a range of health issues from pollen allergies, constipation, and ovarian cysts to skin eruptions and psoriasis. Every one of them reported an improvement in their symptoms after the 3 colonics.

To boot, the fecal bacteria of each patient was tested before and after. Most patients experienced little change in their microbial environment. Some even experienced an increase in bacteria thought to be beneficial. There will be a change, but that might be a good thing. In any case, many doctors believe the majority of your bacteria lives behind a mucosal layer that the water can’t touch.

Will I become dependent on colonics?

No! For most clients, quite the opposite is true. Because colonics stimulate peristalsis (the natural cleansing waves of the muscle in your intestine), your colon is getting exercised and toned! In fact, many people find that they go better on their own after a series of colonics. There is no suction, so your body is doing the work. It’s just getting a little assist.

If your interested in learning more about colonics contact us today to speak with a professional.


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