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3 Essential Parts of any Morning Routine

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

man and women meditating

Waking up in the morning can be a tiresome activity, and one can be easily overwhelmed by all the tasks and activities planned for the day. Try adding one or two of these activities to your morning routine to reclaim your mornings as your own and ease into your day with the right mindset and energy. Having a simple, and quiet morning to balance out your schedule is essential to starting the day off right.

1) Drink Water

Start your mornings immediately by drinking 16oz water. You can warm your water and add honey or lemon for added supplements. Not only does drinking water help you wake up, but it helps detox the liver, flushes out toxins, and boosts your metabolism; making it easier for your body to digest your breakfast. Re-hydrating your body after a night of sleep will re-energize your body as well as mentally and physically equip you for the day ahead.

2) Stretch Out

Taking even a mere ten minutes to stretch out will get your blood flowing through your body and overcome any grogginess you may have. By investing in a habit of morning stretching, our bodies will release waste and replace fluids that were held while sleeping. Your endorphin levels will increase, reinvigorating our muscles and minds to prepare us for the day.

3) Quiet Time

Whether it be meditating, journaling, praying, or just breathing, quiet time gives you the ability to refocus on yourself, your goals for the days, and centralize your energy. Reflect on what you have, take some time to breathe and be present with yourself. Envision going through the rest of your day, or put your thoughts concretely down on paper to decrease brain clutter. Spend some time by fresh air and natural light and let the sun’s gentle warmth greet you good morning.

We hope these tips benefit you and remember to take the time out of your busy morning to center and properly prepare yourself for a productive, and successful day. Contact us if you need any additional advice or guidance for living a fulfilling healthy life, free of pain and stress.


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